Contract from below Mtg Rules

    In Magic: The Gathering, the term „contract from below“ refers to a powerful card that was banned from play shortly after its release in the game`s earliest days. While it is no longer legal in most formats, the legend of this card lives on as one of the most feared and revered in the game`s history.

    So what exactly is a „contract from below,“ and why was it so powerful? Let`s take a closer look at the card and its place in Magic history.

    Firstly, a „contract from below“ was a black sorcery card that cost just one black mana to cast. Its effect was simple – the player who cast the card would draw seven cards from their library, but then would have to discard their entire hand at the end of the turn. Essentially, it allowed players to trade their entire hand for a fresh set of cards, which could be incredibly powerful in the right circumstances.

    However, the downside to the card was significant. Losing an entire hand of cards at the end of the turn was a heavy price to pay, especially if the cards drawn from the library weren`t able to secure a win for the player. Additionally, since it was a sorcery, it could only be played during the player`s own turn, limiting its usefulness in certain situations.

    Despite these drawbacks, „contract from below“ quickly became one of the most powerful cards in the game. Its ability to refill a player`s hand with new cards was incredibly valuable, especially in the early days of Magic when card draw was more limited. Additionally, the fact that it only cost one mana made it incredibly easy to cast, and its sorcery speed could be mitigated by using cards like „Dark Ritual“ to generate extra mana.

    As a result, Wizards of the Coast – the creators of Magic – soon recognized the power of „contract from below“ and banned it from play in most formats. Today, it is only legal in certain „Vintage“ formats that allow older cards with powerful effects.

    Despite its ban, „contract from below“ remains an iconic card in Magic history. Its power and the lore surrounding it have made it a sought-after collectible for Magic enthusiasts, and its legacy continues to live on today.

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